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We are currently closed for commissions.

Commissions for custom fursuits are available from time to time. When we open we generally post on our social media when we plan to make the form available. An opening date will also be posted on the website when it is available.

Commissions are not first come, first served, but rather chosen on a case by case basis.

We make everything from just a head up to a full fursuit.

Our canine and feline bases were 3d sculpted by the talented Latinvixen from Mixedcandy, Critter Workshop has the exclusive rights to these shapes.

We also use the Kloofsuits 4 finger pattern for our 'puffy' hands,


Questions? Email us at

The commission process

Step 1: Concept art

Your concept art should consist of at minimum 2 views and be unshaded. Here's two examples of what will work!

Akita smol.png

Step 2: Send in a form

When we open for commissions, a form will be available on the website. Read through it carefully and submit if you are serious about placing an order for a commission with us.

Those who are chosen for a slot will receive a price quote from us through email when the form closes. If you would like to move forward with your commission and reserve your slot, a 30% deposit must be placed.

Step 3: Make a Duct Tape Dummy

Applicable to those ordering a full suit, a DTD or 'Duct Tape Dummy' must be made in order to construct your bodysuit.

We have specific requirements on how we would like our DTDs made, we will send you detailed instructions on how to make your DTD once your turn comes up in the queue.

Step 4: The waiting game

So you've put down your first payment and you're in the queue? Congratulations and welcome to the Critter Workshop Crew! We invite new clients to join our Telegram chat (link will be sent to you via email) to chat with other critters.

Now it's time to wait until it's your turn in the queue and see your own character come to life! (Please note that no work is started until you are fully paid)

We may contact you from time to time through email to ask questions about your order, for fur approval etc.

Step 5: Your suit is done!

All work has been done and your suit is ready to get shipped home to you, congratulations on fully becoming a part of the critter crew!

Once we've taken photos/video of the suit and checked everything over, we will ship your costume to you. Provide us with your full address (including country) to receive your critter!

Fernir Kwintelooijen shoot-16.JPG
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