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All prices are subject to change over time. 

Prices below are starting prices and may be higher depending on complexity of the character design or features wanted.

Prices are in euros, if you need to convert to your own currency please use google and search for (X euro to (own currency)) (ex. 300 euro to USD).

At this time we do not do part only commissions, however if you are a returning customer looking for upgrade/replacement parts feel free to shoot us a message!

Fursuit head

Starting at €2500,-

Includes waterproof eyes & 2D flat eyes

Optional extra's:

Magnetic tongue (includes 2 tongues) +€50,-

Follow me eyes (3D eyes) +€50,-

NFC tag in nose +€50,-

At this time we do not offer (magnetic) eyelids.


Starting at €3000,-

Includes head, standard handpaws (non stuffed) and a tail

Optional extra's:

Arm sleeves +€200,-

Puffy handpaw upgrade +€100,-

Outdoor or indoor feet upgrade +€300,-/€400,-

Claws (minky, vinyl or resin) +€50,-

Wolf premade.jpg

Plantigrade fullsuit

Starting at €5000,-

Includes head, standard handpaws (non stuffed), outdoor feet, a non padded bodysuit and a tail

Optional extra's:

Puffy handpaw upgrade +€100,-

Extra set of indoor feet +€400,- (Indoor feet can also be chosen instead of outdoor feet)

Claws (minky, vinyl or resin) +€100,-

Tail zipper upgrade +€100,- (This allows for a seamless transition from bodysuit to tail)

All other extra's such as arm sleeves, magnetic tongues etc. can also be added onto your order.


Fursuit feet (outdoor & indoor)

Our feet are stuffed with polyfill and are built on a neoprene liner 'sock'. They can be worn with or without shoes. We do not provide shoes with them but can do so at a small extra charge. 

If you would like to use your own shoes at a later point we suggest using either crocs or another type of slip on shoe.

Upgrades and replacement parts are always available for return customers, just shoot us a message!

Puffy handpaws (pattern by Kloofsuits with edits by us)

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