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Terms of Service

Last updated: 08-04-2023



This terms of service applies to custom non-commercial projects. Critter Workshop reserves the right to deny service to anyone for any reason. Terms are subject to change over time. By submitting a quote/commissioning Critter Workshop, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Service and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you will not be able to purchase a commission from us.




You must be at least 18 years of age or older to agree to these terms and to commission Critter Workshop. By commissioning us you confirm that you are 18 years or older and that you agree to these terms. Critter Workshop may ask for proof of age through ID verification.




  1. All required areas of Critter Workshop’s quote form must be filled out properly in order to have the inquiry considered

  2. Quotes are given in euros, for an estimate in your local currency how much this will cost, please use google (ie. 100 euro to USD).

  3. Critter Workshop does not accept NSFW reference artwork.

  4. A minimum of two view character reference must be included in the application form, the minimum views must feature the front and back of the character clearly. More views on your reference will result in a more accurate final product. 

    1. After down payment, for kigurumis a kigurumi mockup featuring front and back of the kigu is included in the price, this will show what your kigu will look like. You are however free to provide your own kigurumi mock up art if you choose to do so. Fursuits do not come with a mockup.

  5. Quote prices are subject to change and are valid for 60 days from the date issued.

  6. A quote does not guarantee a spot in the queue.

  7. Your commission will be accepted and placed in our queue once you’ve made your first payment. We do not hold or reserve a commission slot.

  8. After the quote has been issued, changes to character, design or any extras requested may incur additional fees. Examples of these include but are not limited to: extra tongues, eyelids, claws, fur addons for kigus etc.

  9. At this time, Critter Workshop does not guarantee delivery for certain dates, events or cons. Clients may put in a request to finish for a certain date and Critter Workshop will keep this in mind, but is not liable when the deadline is not met.

    1. Due to personal circumstances, I cannot always guarantee a delivery deadline. I will however do my best to finish customer projects within a certain timeframe. I will always keep my clients up to date on issues that may arise. Should you want your commission before a certain date, please discuss this with me before placing a commission to see whether it is possible or not.




  1. Critter Workshop requires a certain percentage of down payment of your quoted price in order to add you to our queue. For kigus this is 50% of the total price, for fursuits this is 30% of the total price.

  2. Quotes do not include the price for shipping, as we need to calculate this based on weight and size of the shipment of the product. Client will receive an invoice through Paypal for the final payment and shipping cost when their commission is close to completion.

  3. Payment is required within three days of sending an invoice. If payment isn’t received within this period, a reminder will be sent requesting to pay within 24 hours. Failure to pay will result in your place in the queue being forfeit.

  4. Payment options currently include Paypal or European bank transfer (within the EU).

  5. Failure to pay may result in your commission being pushed back, or being cancelled when failing to pay more than twice.

  6. Payment plans are to be no longer than 4 months from the commission deposit date. If you are unable to make a payment or late, please contact us and we can see what we can do. Failing to make a payment without any prior communication or more than two times may result in a cancellation of your commission. 

  7. When choosing to pay by Paypal, a 5% extra handling fee will be charged. 

  8. When choosing to pay by Sumup, a 2.5% extra handling fee will be charged.




  1. Kigurumis and fursuits/fursuit parts may be sent to us for repair up to 90 days after completion and original delivery. Our warranty covers repairs for general wear-and-tear such as popped seams, missing buttons and construction issues on our end at no additional cost to the client (other than shipping). Any construction issues must be brought to our attention within 90 days of delivery

  2. Damage caused by the client is not covered under warranty and includes but is not limited to: stains, fire damage, mildew, heat damage, tears and holes in the fabric or other abuse. 

  3. Incorrect sizing issues due to incorrect sizing information provided on the quote form or an incorrectly made duct tape dummy also does not fall under warranty and requires an additional fee for adjustments if the client wishes to have their commission altered. Please double check your measurements before you send in the form.

  4. Critter Workshop will redo or fix any mistakes due to their own error (missed markings, etc.) but anything not expressly stated in the reference and commission request are not the artist’s responsibility.

  5. Any alterations done to your costume or kigurumi not done by us may void future repairs. Please contact us when you are in need of repairs, we are here to help!

  6. When sending your commissioned item back for repairs, please make sure it is CLEAN and dry before shipping. Failing to do so will result in a cleaning fee.

  7. Any repairs outside of the warranty period are subject to an hourly fee and material costs.




  1. Due to the current corona pandemic, we will only ship commissions. Pick up is not available.

  2. The client is responsible for all shipping costs and fees, such as customs.

  3. Packages are sent by default with PostNL. Client may request other shipping companies, such as DPD, DHL or others.

  4. Critter Workshop is not responsible for lost packages or missed deadlines due to shipping issues. We will do our best to work with you to try and find any missing shipments, however we are not responsible for replacing any items lost or damaged in the mail.


Cancelled commissions and refunds


  1. If the client requests a project cancellation, they may be offered a partial refund depending on the progress made constructing the item. 30% of a suit commission and 50% of a kigu commission are non-refundable as these are used to pay for our time spent on the project thus far and any materials that may have been purchased.

  2. We reserve the right to cancel any commission and issue a (partial) refund if we feel that the client is uncooperative, inappropriate, threatening, disrespectful or if we are unable to contact the client for more than 60 days.

  3. A cancellation or refund does not include any transaction fees that may have been taken out by the payment processor used.

  4. Refunds will not be given due to a client changing their mind or having “buyers remorse”. However, on a case by case basis, refunds may be discussed due to a client hardship that has arisen.

  5. Critter Workshop reserves the right to keep and alter any cancelled commissions and sell the item.

  6. Once the item has been completed there is no refund option.




  1. Critter Workshop reserves the right to post work in progress photos, final photos and any other media of your commissioned item on our social media and website.

    1. Projects that are to remain a surprise must be brought up with us before accepting your commission. 

    2. Completely having us refrain from posting your commission online will result in an extra fee, as this prevents us from posting content which is used for advertising purposes

  2. Critter Workshop reserves the right to use media of your commissioned item for promotional purposes, such as (but not limited to) business cards or website banners. 

  3. Critter Workshop is not responsible for any bodily harm caused by our work, included but not limited to: tripping, overheating, etc. Know your limits!

  4. Critter Workshop is not responsible for not matching furs or fleece fabrics when it comes to part commissions or kigu commissions. Furs and fleece is available in a limited amount of colours and is known to change colour over time due to changing dye lots, different suppliers and so on. I will always do my best to try to match with what you have, but please keep that in mind as a risk when ordering new parts or a kigu. If no info about the fur/fabric needed is provided, I will do my best to guess colour/fur/fabric based on info provided by the client. 

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