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Critter Workshop

Eurofurence 2024 Dealer's Den application

Hello! My name is Janneke but most know me as Sambers, the maker and artist behind Critter Workshop!

I am an artist and fursuit maker from the Netherlands, working fulltime making fursuits and art on the side. My main medium in art is digital (procreate/SAI) but I have also dabbled in traditional artwork (Pencils/copic markers).

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, picking up a digital tablet when I was 13 years old. Nowadays drawing is more of a hobby/supplement to my fursuit making job but I still enjoy making designs for merchandise or drawing designs to be used for fursuits.

I've started sewing in 2015 but didn't start seriously with making fursuits until the beginning of 2020, making some parts here and there.

Critter Workshop is a registered business in the Netherlands since January 2022, although I'm no stranger on the convention scene. Previously I worked together with a business partner under the name "Furniquemerch".

Some of the designs I offer are still from that time, but I am slowly working on rebranding.



I offer a variety of merchandise, ranging from stickers to lanyards, wristbands, facemasks and more! 

If time in my schedule allows it, I will also bring fursuit partial(s) which can be upgraded to a fullsuit commission by the client.

I also plan to bring a variety of 3d printed flexible fidget toys (dragons) to the con if I am accepted. I did not design these 3D models but I have a license to print and sell. Most of the models I plan on bringing are by Cinderwing3D.

As mentioned, I previously worked in a partnership under "Furniquemerch". I've decided to rebrand my company in the past few years as my business partner at the time has stopped going to cons and selling, I have permission to sell these designs from her and can provide proof if needed. Some of the items still show "Furniquemerch" on them but will be rebranded to Critter Workshop in due time.

Below you can see examples of my work.

Fursuit work

As mentioned, I also make fursuits. I have made costumes for clients all over the world, from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Denmark all the way to the United States. If time allows it I will bring at least one fursuit partial with me to the Dealer's Den. 

Below you can see examples of my work.

Table setup

As Critter Workshop I haven't done many Dealer's dens yet, but I have been a dealer at conventions such as Dutch Comic Con, Eurofurence and Nordic Fuzz Con. My table setups up until now have been rather small, but I've made it work with what I had! Some tables were shared with a friend, hence the small setup.

I'm always working on improving my table setup to make it look more cohesive and professional.

Application details

Here are my application details for quick reference:

Badge number: 2753

Badge name: Sambers

Dealer name: Critter Workshop

Table request: Double length, 260 cm x 65 cm

Thank you for taking the time to read and reviewing my application!

You can always contact me on Telegram at @Sambers or through email ( if there are any questions or if things need clarification.

Below are links to my social media websites, the website you are currently on also contains more information about myself, my company and my work so feel free to have a look around!

  • Instagram
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